LinkedIn Professional Branding for Introverts

Introverts don't have to act extroverted to succeed on Social Media.

Who we help.

I'm sure you've been there...

The wedding where “you have to dance, it’s so much fun” and despite your repeated “no’s”, well-meaning family members physically drag you onto the dance floor.

The karaoke bar where “everyone else is singing, you should too”, so a friend puts your name down and you end up publicly shamed into singing, badly, in front of a room full of people.

The friend who calls you every… damn… day… and thinks you’re mad when you stop answering the phone because you cannot handle another hour-long conversation.

Unlike all of these situations suggest,


You’re an introvert. And we introverts need our space.


What is an introvert?

While there’s no distinct definition of introversion—there are multiple ideas—the one that introverts seem to like the most is Carl Jung’s ‘energy flow’ idea.

That is, “for introverts, energy flows inward, while for extroverts, energy flows outward”.

In other words, where extroverts gain a whole lot of energy when they’re surrounded by peoplelike attending festivals, visiting busy shopping centres and endlessly talking on the phonethose same activities drain the energy of an introvert.

Superficial small talk… count us out!

We’d much prefer to be alone or with a small group of our closest people, going deep with our conversations—perhaps even developing a plan to save the world.

However, the 21st Century has stuck a spanner in our works!

Almost everyone has a device in their pocket which keeps them endlessly connected to the world. Phone calls, social media platforms… you name it, we’re expected to be on it.

And, let’s be honest, there are some positives about social media, even for Introverts. Like the ability to build a profitable business without ever leaving the house!

But how do you balance business building with the ever-present need to retreat?

Social Media: The double-edged sword.

On one side of the sword, social media is the land aplenty, providing the:

On the flip-side, for introverts, social media can be a soul-sucking demon stealing your life right before your very eyes.

It’s easy to feel like you have to learn to ve extroverted.

That’s what society has hammered into you, right?

With statements like:

Surely there has to be a solution that doesn’t involve changing a biologically predetermined part of your personality?

At 27Letters, we’ve created a marketing strategy for introverts, made by introverts… so there’s no need to picture your potential clients in their birthday suit (eww!)

How we help.

Brand Acceleration

Take your brand from nobody to somebody by showing up in front of your target audience day after day.

Let’s be honest, some people will jump at the chance to work with you because they come across your offer right when they’re looking for it.

However, most people won’t want to work with someone they’ve never heard of before… especially in business.

By creating informative and entertaining content and sharing it consistently, your target audience begin to develop awareness of your brand, leaving you top-of-mind when they’re ready for your special brand of secret sauce.

Demand Generation

Take your audience from knowing who you are to wanting to work with you by building presence and trust.

Lots of people have a problem to which you have the solution. Sometimes, there’s another problem though… they don’t entirely understand their problem, and thus, can’t pinpoint that your solution is the one they need (I know it’s confusing—imagine how confused your target audience feel?)

We generate demand for your solution, not by using spammy or salesy tactics, but by another ‘s’ word, storytelling. By sharing stories, we help your network understand their problem, identify the potential solution, and reach out to you to provide it.

Winning Conversation

Take your inbox from empty to full by beginning conversations with your target audience and setting up sales calls.

Now, this is the scary part… direct messaging. Before we tell you what we do, let’s discuss what we don’t.

We don’t send 7 follow-up messages.
We don’t send fake attempts at relationship building.
We don’t harass people.

We do, however, put a clear and concise message in the inbox of your audience, and give them the opportunity to either continue the conversation or not. The ball is in their court, which funnily enough, leads to more (not less) people responding to your messages.

Case studies

Who we are.

27Letters is a Digital Marketing Agency in Maitland, NSW, Australia. We specialise in Professional Brand Building on LinkedIn.

We are the decisive factor behind your success.

No, we’re not saying that because we have big egos. There’s a few actual reasons why we’re pretty confident in our abilities:

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