About Us

Who we are.

A LinkedIn Marketing agency based in Maitland, NSW, Australia.

We're here to help you navigate the increasingly complicated process of building a professional brand on LinkedIn.

We don’t have a phone number or a reception desk. We’re more likely to show up to work our home office in our pyjamas than, well, leaving the house clothes. We don’t have a fancy office, flashy cars or private jets secretaries. We don’t have those things because all of it would take away from our mission – to build brand awareness for your business, grow a network of your target audience and most importantly, start conversations for you.

Our Team.

Tara Fitness

Chief Operations Officer

Samantha Jerrett

Sales Manager

Christina Dennis

Videographer / Photographer

Thainara Biazzini

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Our Values.


Whether it’s in the messages we write, strategies use or conversations we have, we always do our best to respect the time, knowledge, experience and needs of anyone who crosses our path.


Above all else, we do the right thing. If we don’t believe we can help you, we won’t take your money. If we don’t think we’re a good fit, we’ll recommend someone else who can help you. We want you to succeed because that helps both your business and ours.


Everyone has a part to play in building your brand. We take responsibility for our deliverables and we expect you to take responsibility for your part of the process. By doing so, we can create the best possible results for your business.


Social media marketing is not a task you can pass off and never think about again. We do the day-to-day leg work, but you’ll still be sitting in the co-pilot seat, steering your strategy so we can get you the best possible results.


Like a quality coffee takes time to brew, results take time and patience. We don’t rush or cut corners, and we won’t be pressured into doing so.


Regardless of how well things are going, we’re constantly asking ourselves ‘what can we do better?’ In digital marketing, if you’re standing still, you’ll be left behind. We’re not willing to be left out in the cold so we’re always adapting and improving so we can get better results for you.


It’s not hard to be a decent person, but in the age of social media, many people have forgotten their manners. We haven’t. We go into every interaction thinking ‘how can I help’, and even when we can’t, we’re polite and respectful every step of the way.


We’ve built this business with the ultimate aim to create freedom for our staff and clients. This means we prioritise exercise, rest and taking kids to dance lessons; and we want to do the same. Business is supposed to give you better life, not take over it.


They might be the last on this list but they are certainly not the least. Every one of us show up every day and do our best, because doing so enables to support our families... and we're excited to work together with you so we can help you support yours.

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