Small Business Starter Pack

Step 1

Business Setup

90 Minute Setup Session

You don’t know what you don’t know. Setting up a business is simple when you know what you’re doing, but what are the legal requirements and can you just choose any business name? Sit down with one of our consultants to ensure you set up your business properly the first time.

Financial Setup

How will you get paid? It’s the reason why you’re starting this business after all. We’ll get you set up with a system that’s quick and easy to use, meets your financial obligations and ensures you keep on top of your financial recording.

Step 2


Brand Style Development

How do you represent your brand in print and online media? The simplest way is with a logo (which you can also have embroidered on your work clothes, might I add). We’ll create 3 options, you choose what you like, then we’ll run with it.

Business Cards

Some people say they’re useless nowadays, but when you’re running a small, local service business, business cards are essential. Hand them out to clients, pin them on notice boards and spread the word about your new gig.

A4 Flyer

Just like the business cards, flyers are still very much IN for small businesses. Think the takeaway shop, the corner shop or community notice boards. You’ll be able to spread the word offline as well as on.

Step 3

Digital Presence


Where do most people look for services these days? Yep, Google! To show up on Google, you need a home on the Internet and that home is your website. Sure, you don’t need anything fancy (a.k.a. a $10,000 website) but you do need something. We’ll whip up a 1 page site that tells your potential clients all they need to know.

Email Address

You’ve seen those business emails that are, right? Did you know you can get your own domain based email for around $5 per month (e.g. The credibility it adds to your business alone is worth more than a fiver.

Social Media

You might be either tempted to start an account on every social media platform that exists, or not create any at all. Either way, we’ll advise you on the best platform/s to use and help you get set up.


Additional Extras

Website Pages

Do you want an ‘about us’ section? Perhaps you’d like a blog? Or even a page to showcase your great work? We can create as many additional pages for your website as you like.

Social Media Banners

So you’ve decided to go down the social media path? Great! Let us create banner images for your social media accounts so your aesthetic is consistent across all of your online and offline media.

Vehicle Wrap

If you’re out and about in your vehicle every day, a vehicle wrap is a fantastic way to promote your business. We can design your vehicle wrap which you can take to your choice of wrap company to get your vehicle dressed up.


Our Clients

Tap the logos below to see some of our recent work.

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